A Decentralized Ecosystem of Video Applications

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Introducing a new token to power a video ecosystem

PROPS is a new cryptocurrency that grants access to features, content and status across media apps that share a currency and identity layer, and whose users benefit from the PROPS rewards pool.

Benefit from an existing community of millions & thriving virtual economy

The YouNow team pioneered mobile live video and introduced the first two-sided virtual economy in the U.S. (growing 40% YoY), algorithmically sharing the majority of earned revenue with content creators.

Launching an open many-to-many video platform & first use case

Developers, content creators and users will leverage new many-to-many video technology to build and participate in custom video experiences, powered by PROPS. Media can be VOD, video chat, linear or premium content, multi-user live streaming and more.

Equitably rewarding creators & developers

By rewarding users, content contributors and developers in proportion to their contribution to the network, all participants are aligned around the long-term growth of PROPS.

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Our investors

  • Union Square Ventures

  • Venrock

  • Comcast Ventures

  • Oren Zeev

  • Chris Dixon

  • BlockTower Capital

  • This is a great team that continues to push the envelope on the intersection of video and microtransactions. If anyone can pull off this type of vision: It's this team.

    Andy Weissman

    Union Square Ventures

  • This might be the first token economy to launch into a community of creators and viewers who already spend and receive virtual items.

    David Pakman


  • The YouNow team has a six year track record of delivering amazing product experiences with interactive video technology. They are well-positioned to bring millions of mainstream users to a cryptocurrency-based virtual economy.

    Jake Brukhman


  • YouNow has always had a vision for a new kind of media with empowered creators and hyper-engagement, and I’ve always believed in this direction. The PROPS Project is the realization of this vision on a grand scale, opening the doors for any developer to participate.

    Oren Zeev

    Ze’ev Ventures

  • I'm excited that YouNow is decentralizing its economy because it's the most effective way to empower creators to connect directly with their audience in a way that aligns everyone's incentives and interests.

    Doug Petkanics


  • PROPS is pioneering a new form of media. The implications of this approach are vast, as it facilitates immersive connections between people, mostly absent from today's online media platforms.

    Alex Bulkin


Rize - First app on PROPS

An extensible, open platform for interactive video that will be PROPS first large-scale adopter, seeded with the YouNow community. Developers, content creators and users will leverage Rize’s many-to-many video technology to build and participate in custom video experiences, and get rewarded in PROPS. Rize will be available for download on iTunes and Google Play on the day the Token Distribution Event concludes.

Building, Creating and Earning PROPS

Content creators

Creators and curators of content are at the core of digital media and video networks, but never before have they benefited from the long term success of the network to which they contribute. Now, with PROPS, they do. We’re creating a network that runs on cryptocurrency, in which content creators develop a strong personal stake in the community they’re building.


The ability to support a wide spectrum of use cases is a core value proposition of the PROPS ecosystem. Developers can create new media applications within the PROPS ecosystem or customize use cases within Rize. Out of the box, developers get access to video technology, a user base of token holders with wallets and the Partner Rewards Program to incentivize them to build on PROPS.

Core Team

  • Adi Sideman

    Founder and CEO

    Co-founder of the world’s first online karaoke, Ksolo; creator of the Matrix Game for the famed Warner Bros. movie; producer of the Elf Yourself app, #1 in the iOS Store; a pioneer in user-generated video platforms. In 2011, Adi founded YouNow, a social video platform with 40 million registered users and an economy with millions of dollars of virtual currency purchased each month.

  • Yonatan Sela

    SVP Business Development & Product Strategy

    Entrepreneur & digital media executive. Yonatan was a founding team member of the video platform Tvinci (acquired in 2014), where he spent 5 years as VP Marketing and Product Strategy. Prior to YouNow, he was a VC at Venrock where he focused on the digital media and blockchain verticals. Yonatan is an Air Force Captain and a Wharton MBA.

  • Eran Kalmanson

    Chief Technology Officer

    A founding employee at SundaySky, officer in the Israeli intelligence corps’ elite technological unit for over six years. At YouNow, Eran leads engineering and, R&D. Believe it or not, he also holds a degree in Gastronomy.

  • Ben Perper

    Director of Product and Business Intelligence

    Product and business leader with over ten years of experience in building consumer-tech products, most recently at Zynga, where he launched, and operated games reaching millions of users. Now, Ben heads both the product development and business intelligence teams at YouNow. He holds an MBA from NYU Stern, and is a long-suffering DC sports fan.

  • Peter Watts

    Platform Lead

    Co-founder of music discovery company Swarm.fm, an early partner on the Spotify App Platform, and prolific hackathon winner. At YouNow, Peter led core product features and founded YouNow’s growth team. Most recently, Peter is at the helm of the company’s blockchain integrations and wallet design.

  • Candice Reeves

    VP Community Operations

    Candice has completed seven marathons, two of them ultramarathons. Candice developed the trust & safety team at YouNow, building a safe and welcoming community on the platform, and currently oversees fraud prevention, customer service, and general operations.

YouNow Team



  • Jake Brukhman

    Founder & Managing Partner, CoinFund

  • Marco Santori

    Partner, Cooley

  • Nick Tomaino

    Founder, 1confirmation
    Prev: Runa Capital, Token Summit, Coinbase

  • Doug Petkanics

    Founder, Livepeer

  • Manuel Araoz

    CTO Open Zeppelin, Decentraland

  • Jim Louderback

    CEO, Vidcon


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