Turn App users into loyal financial stakeholders

What is Props?

  • A simple API for apps to implement loyalty programs that drive engagement and empower users financially.
  • An SEC-approved token for users to get in-app benefits and a financial stake in the network they help grow.
  • An ecosystem for all token holders to partake in the financial success of the network.

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As of now, Props has empowered
5,550,000 token holders

Apps Running Props

Props is deployed by popular consumer apps, each with millions of users.
Click on the app icon to discover how Props function in each app!

Case Studies


Monthly influencers streaming hours
increased +50% (YouNow)

Illustration for Engagement


Daily in-app purchases
increased +50% (YouNow)

Illustration for Revenues

“Props enables loyalty programs on steroids: on top of in-app benefits, Props turns engagement with the network into a financial stake”

Jason Katz, CEO Paltalk

“User engagement and revenue metrics improved significantly following Props Token integration.”

Jake Branzburg, President, YouNow

“Our users love receiving tokens for their activity, and we love that sellers in the marketplace are rewarded for providing great service to their buyers.”

Gee Chuang, CEO, Listia

Apps grow community engagement and revenue with a Loyalty Token

Issue SEC qualified App Tokens to your users

Use simple APIs; no changes to app’s business model or set up1

Supercharge your app at zero cost2 and earn tokens to share with users

Design and brand your own token loyalty program to incentivize user engagement

Users get in-app benefits & a financial stake in the network3

  • Users earn token capital by engaging with your app

  • Users who accumulate tokens unlock functionality and in-app benefits

  • The more value users’ actions generate, the more tokens they (and the app) earns

  • Holding Tokens = stake in the network & upside potential

See Loyalty Tokens in action on live apps:

In-app benefits of Props vary between apps, and often include:

  • Discounts on in-app items

  • Improved status in the community

  • Free in-app currency bonuses4

  • Access to exclusive gifts

  • Tipping in Props

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